Cornerstone Cafe & Coffee is a family owned and operated cafe and coffee house. With the goal of sparking new life and new flavor to a small town, we set out to deliver healthier eating options while maintaining great Southern charm.  

It All About the Coffee Bean

The coffee blends at Cornerstone are made from Guatemalan beans, known for their full body tasting notes, a rich chocolatey-cocoa flavor, and a toffee-like sweetness.  Our gourmet specialty coffee and house blends offer the most consistent and flavorful product available and the difference is clear with every sip.  Stop in and try our house, espresso, frappes or blended coffees... and be sure to ask about our exclusive drinks like the Mule Kick, Yellow Jacket, Moon Pie Latte and Caramel Slam!

The Sandwich & Salad

A great sandwich starts with great bread and our artisan breads and wraps are made from the finest ingredients and served fresh daily. Only the freshest ingredients are incorporated into our dishes, with each one made to order.  We also offer gluten-free bread and dessert options. 

Our Waffles

Yes - big, fluffy and absolutely delicious Belgian waffles aren't just for breakfast.  Cornerstone serves these beauties all day, every day.  Covered with all sorts of fantastic toppings, I'm sure you'll find your favorite... but you may have to try them all just to be sure.

A Special Note

When we started Cornerstone in 2014, we knew we wanted to offer something special.  From the  incredible atmosphere, to the fantastic food, to the healthier options, we wanted Cornerstone to epitomize what my wife called the "Cafe Life".  Everything we do is with that goal in mind.  

Things have changed over the years, with the biggest being the passing of our founder, my wife, Donna.  Her heart still shines in the business and with renewed focus, we want everyone to get a taste of the cafe life.  So come visit with us - you'll be glad you did/

Allen Faircloth, Owner